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Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing, Toronto

Our basement waterproofing products are designed to create a barrier between your foundation walls and harmful moisture that can seep in from the ground, giving your basement the best possible protection from hydrostatic pressure.

What is Hydrostatic Pressure and How Does It Impact your Basement Waterproofing?

Simply, hydrostatic pressure refers to the force exerted by water on an object. The deeper an object goes, the more pressure it experiences because of increased weight from water forcing downward. In this case, your basement/foundation is the object and the water in the ground is forcing hydrostatic pressure into those walls. Green Basements products are developed and tested to withstand this pressure to reduce the need for foundation repair and other damage.

Low Temperature Elasticity and the Green Basements Advantage:

Along with resisting hydrostatic pressure, Green Basements also has the ability to remain elastic at low temperatures. This is especially important for basement waterproofing Toronto homes, where temperatures can drop dramatically during winter months and are even lower around an underground foundation.

This elasticity means our sealant won’t crack or shrink due to temperature fluctuations, giving you reliable performance from the start and into the future. Both current cracks caused by settling and ones that will appear later will be helped by the Green Basements coating.

Other Uses and Benefits:

Along with avoiding foundation repair and basement waterproofing, Toronto homeowners can also seal and preserve their decks with our sealant. Cold applied, our products are odourless, environmentally safe and easy to use.

Choose From:
  • PatchSeal: Waterproof upon curing, this sealant is often used for roofs.
  • SpraySeal: Made with a convenient spray application, this is perfect for sealing large areas
  • BrushSeal: Applied with a brush, this sealant is great for decks, roofs, metal and more.
  • RadonShield: Prevent high radon levels in basement by coating walls and floors with this product.
  • AcriSeal/ChemSeal: Protect against graffiti and other substances with this seal that comes in a variety of attractive colors.

Radon Mitigation and Protecting Against Radon Levels in Basement

The fact that this gas is produced naturally and virtually all soil has some presence of it, makes it even more prevalent and more of a threat than most manmade carcinogens.

Health Concerns of Radon Gas:

Radon is an insidious threat, often taking years after exposure before health problems make themselves known. Without proper radon mitigation and detection, exposure has a high probability of leading to cell damage and eventually lung cancer.

Does Your Home Contain Radon Gas?

In short, yes. However, a small amount is not considered to be a great concern. It is only when a home exceeds the federal guideline of 200 Bq/m3 that radon mitigation becomes absolutely necessary. It’s estimated that about 7% of Canadian homes have levels this high or higher so precautions must be taken since you will be unable to detect an excess of radon gas in your home without testing.

How Does Radon Gas Get in Your Home?

Any place where your home touches soil can produce an entry point for radon gas. This makes your basement a potential hotbed for radon levels, with crawl spaces, foundation cracks, floor cracks and more acting as entry points.

How Green Basements can Help with Radon Mitigation:

While testing is necessary to determine levels in your home, the levels can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the year. Instead, the best course of action for any homeowner, is to take steps toward radon mitigation.

Radon Mitigation Certification:

Green Basements is certified with the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program as radon mitigation professionals. When you hire us, we will fully assess your home to determine where radon gas leaks may be present and devise the best plan to seal them.


Our highly elastomeric RadonShield effectively seals cracks in your basement floors and walls, remaining flexible even during high and low temperatures. In addition to shielding your home from radon, our product is waterproof and provides protection against mold

Mold Removal

Our services include sealant products designed to prevent mold from spreading or growing back, giving you a safe home for years to come.

Importance of Mold Removal:

If you’ve found a growth of mold in basement areas, you may be wondering just how important mold removal really is. While some molds are merely unpleasant to look at, many can cause damage to your property and your health. Complications of mold include:

  • Structural Damage: When left untreated, mold in basement areas can compromise your home’s structure. Often found on hidden beams and structural supports, it’s easy to miss seeing the mold until it’s already spread.
  • Health: potential side effects vary widely from person to person. Allergies, headaches, fuzzy thinking and coughing are all common issues you can face with mold. In extreme cases, cognitive function can even be permanently impaired. The most extreme symptoms are typically the result of Stachybotrys, more commonly known as black mold.
How to Get Rid of Mold in Basement

The solutions for how to get rid of mold have advanced considerably over the past several years, with more possibilities for removing even the worst black mold infestations. Green Basements is dedicated to not only helping you and your property with mold removal, but also with preventing it from coming back. We offer two sealant products that are ideal for mold remediation:

  • RadonShield: As the name implies, this elastomeric spray seals walls and floors in your basement to prevent entry for radon. However, it is also extremely effective in waterproofing which helps prevent mold growth. Additionally, RadonShield comes in a range of colors so you can protect your home without compromising your design aesthetic.
  • SpraySeal: Our SpraySeal product is able to adhere to and protect a wide range of materials and can stand up to extreme weather conditions without cracking or shrinking.

Basement Renovations, Toronto

And when you choose Green Basements’s basement renovations, Toronto homes not only get the best in construction, we also ensure your new space is protected with our sealants to prevent mold, radon gas buildup, and water damage.

Basement Transformations:

If you’ve been living with an unfinished basement, it may be difficult to envision anything but blank, uneven walls and floors. At Green Basements, we know how to bring out the potential of this area. We offer a wide range of basement services to completely transform even the darkest, and most unpleasant underground spaces. Our team can do all of this and more to make your basement your new favorite space:

  • Superior Painting To get a great, long-lasting paint job you need to be prepared to prime and paint even the hardest to reach areas like around doorframes, baseboards, ceilings and windows. Getting clean, even coating around these areas is what separates a professional paint job from an “I paid my friends in sandwiches to do this” kind of paint job. Our experienced crew has the knowledge and equipment to take your paint job to the next level and save you from wasting a weekend on a subpar job.
  • Impressive Flooring Selection: Choose the flooring that suits your tastes and the purpose of your finished basement. We’re able to install everything from economy-priced carpets and laminate flooring to premium hardwood and tile.
  • Drywall/Sheetrock Installation: We create your walls with premium drywall to maximize the benefits of this material, including improved fire protection and mold prevention. Our crew also employs drywall tape to cover seams and give you a smooth, elegant look to your walls.
  • Plumbing and Electric Work: While a finished basement can simply be used as a nicer storage space, with our expert plumbing and electric work, you can build a complete living space. We’re able install a bathroom and/or kitchen to create the perfect place for entertaining, working, exercising or as a rental property. It’s like getting a whole new story to your home!
Specialty Sealants for Your Finished Basement

During renovations is one of the best times to apply waterproofing, mold and radon sealants. With other materials cleared out and the walls exposed, it’s easy to treat the entire space as needed. We can help you stop mold, radon and water damage before they have a chance to start!

Benefits of Basement Renovations, Toronto

A finished basement has a wealth of potential for many homeowners and can solve many space issues. If you have children, a finished basement can make the best play area where kids can be noisy without disrupting the rest of the house. Alternately, this space can be the quiet area of the home, perfect for those who work remotely.

Learn More About What Green Basements Can Do for You!

Green Basements offers a wide range of products and services for home and business owners around Canada. We strive to make your property more comfortable, efficient, and safe with everything we do. To learn more about any of our services, contact us at 1 855 797 SEAL!

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