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NaturaSeal is a renovation and home protection company built around a simple idea: Products and services that are good for the environment are good for all of us. Whether we’re creating one of our radon blocking coatings or designing a stunning basement remodel, we keep this idea in mind to reduce waste, innovate and save you time and money while we’re at it.

Our Products

To make protection for your home long-lasting and easier, while still sticking with our eco-friendly promise, we knew we couldn’t use the existing sealants on the market. We’ve improved traditional asphalt coatings in two very important ways:

Cold-Applied Coating: Unlike traditional asphalt coatings, our sealants can be poured and applied at room-temperature. This not only makes them safer to use by eliminating the risk of burns, it also makes them easier to handle and apply.

Water-Based Technology: While many coatings moved away from the heated application, most were still using solvents to create a cool, pourable formula. Though this eliminated the possibility of burns, it created the issue of toxic fumes from volatile organic compounds. Instead of this, NaturaSeal uses water to create cool, pourable sealants for a toxic-fume free product.

With growing concerns over the issues of toxins and dangers of hot application, there has been a greater push to eliminate these formulas from the workplace. NaturaSeal, in the spirit of our innovative roots, has not waited to be told to make these changes, Instead, we’ve rallied around the chance to make a difference for everyone, including our workers, customers and our community.

What We Do

NaturaSeal creates skillful basement renovations and protects our customers from many of the unseen and unexpected dangers that can invade your home. Our flexible sealants are able to prevent mold growth, fire damage, radon seepage and metal corrosion along with other important usages. Additionally, our basement renovation services are designed to reduce waste while saving you money and never compromising on quality.

Our versatile products can be applied to a variety of surfaces and utilized in many industries, including: roofing, mining, homebuilding, machinery protection and much more. Being able to prevent injuries and provide better results across these industries is one of our greatest sources of pride as a company.

Dedication to Community

We believe that creating safer working conditions supports the efforts of our workers and contractors who use our products, giving them the tools they need to give you superior service. This is why we make it a top priority to only use products that do not emit harmful toxins or volatile organic compounds. We benefit when our community benefits and that is why we consistently strive to create products and solutions that are good for our whole planet

We look forward to many more years serving the Toronto area and introducing more customers and contractors to our industry-leading sealant innovations. To earn more about who we are and what we can do for you, contact us at 1 905 827 7221.

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