Mold Removal

When you suspect a mold problem in your home, you want a solution immediately. NaturaSeal’s mold removal services and products are designed to safely remove growth and prevent it from coming back with quick results and fast application. While mold in basement rooms, crawl spaces and other areas is a concerning find, you’re not alone. Our experts can offer the help you need to reclaim the health and well-being of any structure.

Health Concerns Associated with Mold

Along with having an unpleasant odor and potentially causing home damage, mold can affect your health. Most commonly, allergies, asthma and other breathing problems will be exacerbated by mold. However, even more serious health issues can occur with exposure to certain molds which are known to cause headaches, fatigue and even some long-lasting or permanent cognitive effects. The good news is, this extreme mold is far less common than the kind that causes allergies.

Signs of Mold in Basement or Home

Oftentimes, mold isn’t as easy to spot as you would assume. Mold in basement areas is typically hidden, growing in dark, damp spots that you are unlikely to see unless you go looking for them. Since you can’t rely solely on what you see, here are some other common indicators that you have mold growth in your home:

  • Increased Allergies: While allergies are easily due to weather conditions or dust, mold can also increase symptoms like itchy eyes, headaches, sneezing and congestion. If you specifically notice that your allergies are worse at home than when you’re outside or in another building, that is the biggest indicator of the issue being in your home.
  • Musty/Moldy Smell: As mold grows, it gives off gases that produce an unpleasant odor that can be described as earthy, wet or rotten depending on the mold itself and your personal sense of smell. If you noticed a general musty smell in your home even after cleaning, this could be a sign you require mold removal.
  • Water Leaks, Condensation and Flooding: While mold doesn’t cause leaks, having a history of water damage and excess moisture in your home means you should consider professional mold inspection to ensure there isn’t growth.
  • Damaged Walls/Wallpaper: Bulging walls, and peeling, cracked or warped paint/wallpaper indicate moisture issues and those tend to precede the need for mold removal. Water spots on walls and ceiling can also be a sign.
  • Mold Masquerading as Dirt: Mold isn’t always green or black and in thick clumps, it can take on many colors and can often just be a few spots. Mold growing behind vinyl wallpaper can even be pink or orange in color.
Where to Check for Mold in Basement

If you’ve experienced any of the above signs or simply suspect mold, here are some common places to check for growth:

  • Around sinks and pipes, anywhere a leak may have started
  • Look for streaks of black, green or white on walls and floors
  • Check behind the stairs leading down to your basement
  • Inspect any furniture or boxes in the basement for mold. While mold growing on these items does not guarantee mold growth in the structure, it does mean conditions are right for growth to start which is something to consider.
NatruaSeal’s Mold Removal and Prevention Products

NaturaSeal is committed to providing you the best in mold removal solutions and prevention with our eco-friendly products:

  • SpraySeal: Easily applied spray, this product fills in cracks on a wide range of surfaces and will self-heal when punctured.
  • RadonShield: Similar to our SpraySeal, our RadonShield also provides a waterproof barrier and is specifically designed to seal cracks in basement walls and floors.
  • Waterproofing Products: NaturaSeal also has several products to seal roofs and foundations against dampness, further aiding mold prevention. Like all of our products, these are environmentally friendly, easy to apply and guaranteed to remain flexible and secure.
How to Get Rid of Mold

When questioning how to get rid of mold, you should always rely on the help of experts like the NaturaSeal team. While there are many things you can do to help prevent mold, removal is best left to professionals with proper equipment and expert knowledge. For more information on how we can help your home, contact us at 1 905 827 7221.

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