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Green Basements works with our team of contractors, sealant developers and industry leaders to produce the best in cold-applied alternatives to traditional asphalt. We do this to create better, more effective sealants for our customers’ roofs, foundations and structures. Additionally, we use these sealants as part of our basement renovations and finishing services to give you total peace of mind.

Keeping you and the Planet Safe

Gree Basements keeps our planet, our customers and our workers safe in a variety of important ways. We develop coatings that can be applied at safe, cool temperatures that produce no toxic fumes. This makes your home safer, our workplace better and our work superior to others in the industry who use older products and methods.

In addition to cold application, we also use water-based technology to make our products pourable. Other companies use solvents which create toxic fumes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Creating Renovations Built to Last

We use our sealants as part of our innovative basement renovations and remodeling services. From basic basement finishing to complete overhauls, we ensure your renovations are done with safety, value and longevity in mind.

Our sealants create homes that can withstand more and last longer. Each coating we offer and apply is capable of guarding against a wide range of issues, including fire, mold, radon, termites, and other factors.

Creating Cost-Saving Solutions>/h5>

Not only do our coatings guard your home from these dangerous elements, they also help to make your home more energy efficient. By sealing cracks in your foundation, the temperature and humidity in your home will be easier to control which will, in turn, lower your energy costs.

Building Better Homes and a Better Planet

Ultimately, Gree Basement’s #1 job is giving you the home you want while protecting the planet we need. Each service and product we provide keeps the safety of your home and the environment in mind.

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